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SALIEVITO – born in fire

Your pizza on wheels!


Real wood stove art.

Simplicity and a pinch of salt lay the foundation of our approach. High-quality ingredients are an absolute must for us. The secret is how we combine them in surprising varieties of pizza. We work with proven suppliers who provide us with qualitative products from the ripe dough to the sun-raised tomatoes or the authentic Italian mozzarella and salami, or rustic spices and fresh leaves of basil, mint and rosemary. Every single ingredient is hand-picked and pre-tested by our team of demanding perfectionists who are satisfied with nothing less than superb and consistent taste and quality. 

Just give it a try and you will know why we are so proud of our pizza!

Best ingredients. E basta!

We know exactly where our products come from and why we chose them.


We purchase olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and many other fantastic ingredients directly from the DOP producers on the Gulf of Naples.


The meat comes from our favourite butcher in Dorfen and directly from our selected producers in Italy.


In terms of quality, we do not take any chances - but creativity is bubbling with the pizza variations. Sometimes you even notice our Bavarian origin ...



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