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Zeno worked on pretty much every continent in the hospitality industry. He discovered the variety of tastes and the richness of local ingredients. Today, Zeno settles back in his home Bavaria for good. He is the initiator of Salievito and runs most of the production operations.

Hristo has a decade-long experience in founding and managing a hospitality business, having worked well with all well-known hospitality brands in Munich and its surrounding. He is known and respected for his professionalism and perfectionism, as well as for high customer loyalty and consistent operational quality. The team is above all trustworthy, ethical and fully prepared to address your demands.


Salievito offers an unmatched synergy of passion for spectacular meals and high level of customer service, delivered timely and professionally. It is backed with evident past successes and promises for the fantastic experience during the entire cycle of your event – from planning to execution. 

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Contact the team today to explore the options for your event.


We will come equipped with ideas on how to make your special occasion even more memorable, enjoyable and appreciated. 

Our mobile wood-burning oven brings crispy, hot pizza enjoyment to every event.

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